Requesting the Warranty Courier

General conditions

Artorange doers not guarantee the continuous proper functioning of the sold items.

The products - unless specified - are made for office and home use. The owners responsibility is to provide the necessary parameters for proper functioning (ex.: power supply, proper cooling, cleaning, heat, dampness, proper installation).

The Warranty Courier is a Artorange Kft. own service, it means that the products that are purchased via home delivery are transported with the contracted courier free of charge in case of possible malfunction, and after the warranty process it transports it back - if the result is a product and the warranty claim is accepted.

3 days after the delivery, the free Warranty Courier cannot be claimed if the product's manufacturer has a international service center and the warranty can be claimed in the same country. In majority of the cases, the printers, monitors, and mobile computers have such service centers, that offer their own couriers or a contracted one. referring to these services can exponentially decrease the time of the warranty process. These products usually come with their own manufacturers warranty documents, and have their central service center phone numbers listed, or more contact information can be attained if the Client registers electronically. The invoice copy usually is necessary for the warranty claim. Another information source is our e-mail address in case the client needs more information.

The Request

The Warranty Courier can be requested on our page.

One request is valid for one item only. In case there are more items to be sent, it is necessary to order the courier for each in part. The reason is that for each item of the same kind can be a different result. It is important not to send back items that are not specified in the request. We and the client cannot guarantee it's presence and eventual transport damage, (it will net be registered on arrival) and will void the service.

In case there are more items that are sent back, each of them should go through the Warranty Courier request form. If the product is a complete assembled computer, it can be requested with the name of the configuration(Product Type/Product number) and the invoice number.

The Description of the malfunction

It is paramount that the assumed malfunction to be described as detailed and straightforward as possible. We need to know the malfunction's nature (ex. does not start, striping, clicking etc.), but not with professional accuracy: the exact component that is malfunctioning is not important to be mentioned. In case of freezing, restarts (operating systems, running software, the used hardware components) the description will accelerate the process. There is a limited space for the error description. Please do not repeat the data specified already in the form in the description box (ex.: serials, product names, purchase date).

The product will be tested as it is described in the description. The "broken", "bad", "not good", "unusable", "not working", "not working satisfactory", "i do not know" and similar descriptions will delay the process or if the error is not present, can bring a testing fee with them. The items that do not contain a description, will void the service.

The malfunction will be considered reported after the warranty paper and invoice is presented, which means the item is identified and we are notified.

In the frame of the warranty process, the items and documents sent to Artorange Kft., will become it's property. These cannot be sent back to the Client.

The warranty does no apply to the items that are modified so the malfunction will become claimable.


Under the warranty process, do not use the original invoice or warranty paper. A copy will suffice, except in cases that they are specifically asked for.

In the package include 1 of each document copy. In case the item has a warranty document from the manufacturer, the ORIGINAL is needed to be included too (ex. monitors, laptops, printers, etc.).


The malfunctioning item needs to be packaged with all the components, packaging, documents and everything else that it came with. Please note that the packaging should be made that the courier's sticker do not touch the product's original package, also to protect it from any eventual damage while under transport. In the case of more then one items they should be properly separated to limit the damage they can do to each other or from any outside factors.

The damages caused by improper packaging are not our responsibility. It is practical to keep the original packaging the product arrived in. it can be put back and sent with it. The packages provided by the courier or post service is not enough for ideal protection.

Please, every time, use a robust packaging solution, it is the client's responsibility top do so. The courier is not allowed or his responsibility to verify the package contents or packaging. If help is needed regarding the packaging, we will gladly help. if the configuration is without the CPU cooler provided by the manufacturer, it should be packaged with extra care. This can be done with bracing (ex. Styrofoam, sponge, rolled paper) or by dismantling of the cooler, and including it in the package or in another robust one.

The package should be addressed as follows:

Artorange Kft., 1134 Budapest, Tüzér utca 13.

Returning and deadlines

The items collected by the Warranty Courier usually arrive within 1-2 days to Artorange Kft.. The procedure is calculated after this period.

The items sent via the Warranty Courier are sent back through the same service. The courier does not deliver a change or substitute product when it picks up the product.

The Warranty service is a comfort service. To claim warranty it is not needed to be requested. In the period the Warranty Courier is used please make sure that the product will arrive in the warranty period. From 3 days before the end of the warranty, the service wont be available. The items can be sent through another method.

In case of a valid warranty claim, the service is free of charge, in case it is deemed otherwise the transport cost,6 EUR will be charged. Please use the service with responsibility and only if the malfunction is a valid warranty issue, and it is not the result of improper use.

Product specific information

If the memory card is not working properly in some external (not a pc) device, we will need the product in question exact type, next to the error description.

In case of memory issues, we need the exact type of the CPU. In case of memory kits, if the faulty one is identified, it should be noted in the description, to accelerate the warranty process.

The plastic protection of the LGA and more modern CPU socket MUST be placed back on the socket. The warranty depends on it's presence.

In case of toners, cartridge, etc, a test page should be provided..

Regarding all Motherboards: The back panel MUST be sent with the package (the small metal back panel) it voids the warranty procedure and it cannot be sent without. It is important to be packaged with the motherboard. It can cause damages that will void the warranty!

Monitors with Pixel faults should contain a description with the place (ex: top right) and the type of the dead pixels(ex: bright blue on white background, no red color, etc. )

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