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Webshop information:

The seller of the items bought by the client is iPon Computer Kft. The exact and legally correct information about us are as follows:

Address: 1143 Budapest, Francia út 40/b.   

Contact: Parádi András   

Tax Number:13392327-2-42  

Registration Number: Cg.01-09-732904   

Registry Office: Budapest Registry Court   

Bank Account: HU21 1091 8001 0000 0028 8369 0020   

Phone number: 0615566565   

General information and product description

The items presented in our webshop are the object of the contract between the seller and the client.

The detailed properties and description of each item can be find on it's own page. Please read these information's carefully so that you purchase only the items you actually needed. In specific cases, please contact us with questions. Some items can have compatibility problems or hidden dangers with them. In this case, reading the description might prove useful.

Some images are illustrations only.

The gross price is always presented next to the image

The ordered items will be transported to the client.ArtorangeKft. does not keep a item stock. these are brought to us after an order.All the items from our webshop are in the stock of our distributing partners.

The contract, how to make an order

The Client, by making an order on the webshop, becomes anArtorangeKft.client. The order can be considered final after the client receives the confirmation of his order.

The first step for placing an order is the registration. This requires a valid e-mail address and phone number.

After registration, the client can put the required items into the "Cart" on the top of the page. This will show the item quantity and price.

As soon as the client finished adding the products, he can press the "Order" button from the cart to begin the final part of the order process.

Here there is the possibility to modify the invoice and delivery data, item quantity, and payment method. Alternatively some items can be removed from the order. There is no possibility to make these modifications by the clientafter the order is launched.

To launch the order, after verification, the "Purchase" button needs to be pressed. Automatic confirmation email will follow.

Client data security: The data provided by the client, that are required for identification, are handled securely and are used only to create the orders. They are not sent in any way or form to a third party.

The electronic services ofArtorange Kft. can be attained via a unique password. The password identifies the Client, it's use proves that the order is made by the Client. The order is recorded by our computer network, and sends out an automated confirmation. The Client assumes all responsibility for the handling of the password ad does not disclose it to a third party. Artorange Kft. does not assume responsibility for damages caused by the illegal use of the password either by the client or the third party.

The contract and the language of the contract is English. The contract, as stated above, is considered a written contract. This will be registered by ArtorangeKft. and will be accessiblelater.

Delivery, payment and completion conditions

Our webshop's delivery fee is 7 EUR for each delivery. The price does not depend on quantity orweight, and contains the fees for the Warranty Courier services too.

There is no additional fee calculated for credit card users.

Warranty information

The 1959, IV. law from the Civil Law states that in Hungary, all newly bought items have 2 year warranty assured(robust items have 3), in case that a contract is created.

Based on the 151/2003Government statement, the listed durable items are subject to a 1 year warranty, concerning ArtorangeKft.

In some cases the manufacturer can offer a longer warranty period, this time period is supported by ArtorangeKft.. The warranty, in case it ismore then 1 year, has a longer description stated on the products warranty slip. If asked for we will provide the information ourselves.

The Warranty conditions are contained in the Civil law's,49/2003th GKM statement.ArtorangeKft. is obliged to offer warranty services, in case the solditem, at the delivery time, does not comply with the stated properties stated in the Law and properties described in the contract.

The condition of the warranty process is that if the parts do no agree about the malfunction's origin, the Client is obliged to provide proof about it (professional expertise). The fulfillment has to be defended for in the next 6 months, (that the found malfunction was present at the delivery).In this period the proving is ArtorangeKft.'s obligation.

If the malfunction was known tothe Client at the moment of the making ofthe contract, or the Client should have known about it, ArtorangeKft. is free from warranty obligations.

The conditions of the Warranty, as mentioned in the151/2003. Gov. statement, is found in the Civil law and the49/2003. GKM statement. To take advantage of the warranty the warranty paper is mandatory. It is important that in case of warranty, the obliged part is not free from the obligation until it proves that the malfunction is not.


We ask our customers that if the ordered items arrive, before they are handed over to be checked for completion, conformity and transport damages.Otherwise, in case of home delivery, it is hard to prove damages or missing items.

In case of product quality issues, it will be handled according to the 49/2003. GKM statement.

The warranty claims can be attained with the purchase documents. ArtorangeKft. is obliged to take note of the claim and malfunction. Artorange Kft. will try to resolve the warranty claim in a 15 day period.

For warranty claims please contact us at the above stated e-mail address.

Warranty Courier

The Warranty Courier is a Artorange Kft. owned service, and consists of thetransport of the malfunctioning item between us and the client free of charge if the warranty claim is real. The service can be asked through out webshop. The following details must be provided:Product name, detailed description of the malfunction, Name, Address, and time period. In this case the courier will pick up the item.

The item must be packed robustly and should contain the description of the malfunction and a copy of the invoice and warranty paper.Original papers are not required, a simple copy will suffice.

In case of legitimate claim the Warranty Courier is free of charge. If there is no malfunction, there will be a delivery fee of7 EUR, because of this we ask that only then should be the service used if the Client is sure of the malfunction and the cause of it is not the result of improper use. in case the item is sent by other means or in person, please make sure that a malfunction description, and a copy of the papers , and additional writtencontact information, with a valid email address ispresent.

Those items that are sold as KIT's - comprise of more then one, or even more of the same units, but they are stated as 1 item - can be subject of warranty only if they are handed over as they arrived. Whole, with all the parts. The Kit cannot be split.

Copyright and references

The assets present on the ArtorangeKft. Webshop ( , graphical, technical, views and variants of these, all the data concerning the company and products, the descriptions seen as they are on the pages are the property of iPon Computer Kft.. Without the express consent of the owner, the use of these are subject to copyright violations and can have legalconsequences.

Referring to it is forbidden to place links in any content that they link or contain references to other content, or part of another site. in any other cases the use of references is accepted.

Other conditions

Purchasing from our webshop presumes that the client has an understanding of the limitations of the internet use and acceptance of it, especially regarding the technical limits and known bugs/errors. Artorange Kft does not assume any responsibility regarding errors appeared in the networking system that hinders the purchase or correct use of out webshop.

ArtorangeKft. can sue any person that commits fraud or tries to do so,butArtorange Kft. cannot be held responsible for any damages caused by a third party that affect a client.

In case that a Client violates the conditions of use stated, it can disable the Registration (User account).

The installment of the products should be done with care or with the technical expertise of a specialist! The incorrectly installed devices could void warranty!

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